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We offer an array of services designed to facilitate growth
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Beyond motivation and inspiration, we serve as change agents, providing the practical step-by-step action plans, coaching and accountability necessary to reach milestones and accomplish goals.

The Williams Group
The Williams Group

Our Story

Individuals and organizations have a purpose and a mission that drives them. Unfortunately adversity, vices, deficiencies and perceived limitations often cause us to lose sight of our ultimate goal.  As beautiful as this world is, it can be toxic at times, causing us to become imbalanced socially, professionally and spiritually.

The Williams Group is about changing the minds and the hearts of people, which in turn helps them adopt success principles and develop successful habits. Healthy habits transform individuals. Individuals transform organizations.  Better people become better managers, executives, elected officials and pastors.  Better men will become better husbands, fathers, employees and community leaders. Better women become better wives, mothers, entrepreneurs and civic leaders. Better youth become better siblings, students, athletes and leaders for tomorrow. We believe we can positively impact the world by changing one mind and one heart at a time.

Our mission is to provide innovative and creative strategies to
individuals & organizations, helping them to maximize their potential
& live the MAXED OUT LIFE!

The Williams Group

Our Core Values

Here at The Williams Group we believe the issue that most greatly affects society is “UNDERACHIEVING”! We help our clients develop the thought process and progressive behavior patterns to combat issues or inhibiting behaviors which hinder maximum performance in ALL aspects of their lives.

The Williams Group

Our Services

We have vast experience working with non-profits, youth serving organizations, school systems, ministries, civic organizations, sports organizations and social enterprises in the following areas:

The Williams Group

Empowerment Seminars

If you’re planning a staff development, youth retreat, strategic planning or team building activity, let us enhance it. We can empower and inspire your organization and individuals to realize their full potential by internalizing and implementing our success principles. Whether it’s a single event or a series of activities, we can help to improve your impact while keeping you at or below budget.

The Williams Group

Program Development

Hire us as your consultant. If your organization has a captive or target group of individuals that you would like to impact, we work with you intimately to meet your specific needs and goals. We can develop a program from the ground up or customize one of our own to fit the individuals you serve. We work with you to create the forum, format, content, length and application of your program. We can also help you to identify the resources needed to successfully implement and sustain your initiative well into the future.

The Williams Group

Program Implementation

Hire us as your Program Administrator. We can provide turnkey solutions for your target audience providing for seamless, cost effective implementation. Whether you want to impact men, women or youth, we have a number of programs that have been proven successful. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. We can handle the planning, implementation and evaluation on your behalf.

The Williams Group

Leadership Development

Hire us as your Leadership Coach. There are many consultants that tell individuals and businesses what they need to do. What separates us here at The Williams group is our desire to help each client understand how to do what needs to be done. In every case we provide not only a final destination, but a detailed road map helping to navigate the journey in the most efficient and effective way.

Our ideal clients are young adults 18-35, mature adults 35-55, and youth ages 12-17 from all socioeconomic statuses. We also work with parents, athletes, business leaders, civic leaders and religious leaders.

The Williams Group

Special Programs


Purpose. Programs. Principles.

Men face a unique set of challenges in society as they attempt to live honorable lives, providing leadership to their families, businesses, communities and ministries. The Best Man Initiative is a powerful, principle-based program designed to develop young men ages 12-25, and mature men ages 25-55.  As a customized program developed by our Founder, Jeff Williams, the Best Man Initiative focuses on five pillars of manhood:


After successfully completing this series, men become better leaders, husbands, employees and citizens. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The Williams Group


Zero Limitations. Limitless Possibilities

City of Promise is both a philosophical and practical shift designed to transition believers from mere traditional religion to a new relationship-based experience:

A better relationship with God

A better relationship others

A better understanding and relationship with self.

The picture we see today is a community outside this ideology; a community rooted in selfishness, not selflessness. A community like this is one high in crime, low in education, high in vanity and low in actual wealth!

The City of Promise community is a goal-oriented, task-based community – a community whose expectations are based on the work it has done and not just the grace that God may provide. It is more practical, less theological.

The Williams Group
The Williams Group

Our Team

Jeffrey D. Williams

Jeffrey D. Williams

Founder & Men’s Advocate

With 16 years of management and executive leadership experience working with both corporate entities and social enterprises, Jeff now combines his skills, success principles, and personal values to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential. Jeff’s professional experiences are very diverse, having led organizations in industries such as real estate development, corrections, healthcare, and workforce development. Those experiences have afforded him the opportunity to hone his skills in human development, facilitation, training, project management, program development, procurement, and compliance. Recently Jeff has successfully integrated his aforementioned skills and experiences with his passion for ministry.

Mr. Williams originally began ministry in June of 2004. Immediately he realized the need to transfer the messages taught in church on Sunday into the daily lives of the congregation. He realized that outreach programs were vital to the growth and development of individuals.

During his time in ministry, Jeff Williams has overseen the Youth Ministry, Youth Abstinence Programs, Prison Reentry Coalitions, and Job Placement Programs.

Rene Williams, MPA

Rene Williams, MPA

Senior Strategist & Women’s Advocate

Mrs. Williams bring a strong administrative and legislative affairs background with extensive experience in fiscal management, drafting legislation, performance measurement, procurement, issues management, media relations, community outreach, and fundraising. As the Williams Group takes a comprehensive approach to developing individuals, organizations, and special programs Rene’s strengths ensure that matters of compliance, transparency, efficiency, and integrity are properly addressed. She makes sure that resources are maximized, efforts are sustainable, and proper controls are securely in place.

Jabari D. Williams

Jabari D. Williams

Strategist & Youth Advocate

At the age of 10, while accompanying his father to the Caddo Parish Prison, Jabari requested that his father allow him to speak. His message to the prisoners, entitled “You Must Return Home” was unprepared and unrehearsed. Jabari passionately expressed the importance of the prisoners returning home to their children. His message and delivery brought grown men to tears. At that very moment, his incredible gift was discovered! Jabari Williams is now a 16-year-old sophomore at Madison Preparatory Academy in Baton Rouge, LA where as an honor student he currently holds a 4.33 GPA.

With his gift to communicate, engage, and motivate Jabari wants to change the lives, expectations, and mentality of a new generation of young people. He feels that young adults will receive messages about achievement, character, and accountability more willingly if it comes from a peer.

Jabari’s resilience to triumph over his own personal obstacles have given him insight on being successful through some of life’s most challenging teenage issues faced today: Issues like living life as a middle child, navigating the challenging waters of a blended family, finding his own identity in the shadows of very gifted and talented older sibling, and excelling in academics as well as athletics! This unique blend of true life experiences and the ability to articulate step-by-step solutions makes him a tremendous asset and qualified leader amongst today’s youth.

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